There is no measurement
For the joy when this journey started
Growing in the abyss and kicking around
Within the constraints of the sack
She helped me breathe and cry
While pushing me out

The initial cries
Continued to be part of my life

Float, sleep, crawl, walk
The dependency continued
It is different matter that I was a child then
With age the requirements changed but
I am never independent
Can I be independent
From the nature
And the living and non living

It is the sack that continues to envelope me
Unknown and unseen
The pressure and suffocation
Walk, stop, relax, read, sleep
It is humiliating
Gods, prayers, discourses,
Philosophy, work, gatherings,
Women, men, countries, silences, rallies
Many reflections
Frustrating mirrors

Sound and silence
Cyclones and floods
Subversions and submissions
Death is the breathing reality

Burning moons,
Deafening winds
Roaring earth
Sprinting the unending marathon


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