We choose the subject
That appeals to our social status
We bother when television programs 
Raise our consciousness
We walk to the Jantarmantar to protest

I could never make out collective consciousness
When Ramizabee’s honor was defiled
So many hue and cries against the Government
I do not remember who was ultimately punished
Ramizabee died her poor death

In the name of love, 
Relationship, sanctioned authority
Confidence, control, accepted chauvinism
Day after day night after night
At home, on the road, in the school, at work
At conception, at birth, during the growth
All through the life
Less than half of this nation
(yes statistics say the numbers are dwindling)
Is subject of devilish gory

Our protests are always sophisticated
Media decides and we light candles
Keeping our dogmas, idiosyncrasies bundled
Inhibitions, falsehood and chauvinism in tact


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