Who attended the baby shower?

Who attended the baby shower?
Who was part of the delivery process?
Who remembers the midwife?

Bifurcating Siamese twins
Is simple as the risks are pretty well known
Conjoined lives are difficult to live
Difficult to separate
Desperation is the key
Desire to live allows the risk of death

Together we went to school
Everyone said wonderful sight
Inseparable players
Name and the fame

We cribbed on many issues
Cream on the coffee, flower on the shirt
When the supremacy became an issue
No strength, only weakness to the fore

When the winds broke the silence
When the tides turned on
Acid in the intestines
Fire in the throat
Choking chambers
Neither the sperm nor the urine
Bulging bladder breathless odor
Deadly living dead

Cities never speak truth
Villages never hide lies
Forests disappear
Rivers cover the obvious

Mess of contractors
Restaurants of media
Political hotels
Digging holes
Crumbling bridges

I am told “move on”