Visiting the child in the school
Has its own tranquility
Being lonely in the guest house
In between the eating times

The big banyan tree 
Like the tall sage in ripen age
The small one with protruding protected roots
Loves the solitude of the waiting parents

Walking through the trodden path 
Of generations of learners
Ears acclimatized to the
Chirps of sparrows,
Gibberish of parrots,
Lone voices of squirrels
The big black ants 
Make way in the habitual discipline
For the urgent task they are on

When everybody is ready to jump on the food
Lady rings the bell
Even breathe stops for a minute
To be with the tot
Silence envelops the hall
Making way for 
Talk boxes that require
Supervision to fill the tummy

Circumambulate the valley
Through Mallibavi, solar field, abandoned dairy farm,
Rural school, housing colony, play ground
Breeze and the sunset, walkers with earphones
Small drizzle illuminates our talks and walks

Learning and unlearning
Longing and belonging
Freedom and detachment
Child is the valley I left behind


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