After every time,
I washed myself and did not seek pardon of the lord
Have no intention not to repeat
Biology and chemistry are very much physical
High end discussions of morality and science
Are not my peg of vodka

Days together I have planned for this excursion in my mind
Held on to the last coitus, aroma of the serpentine twists
And the rush of the minutest time
Visualized every detail of the
stiffened nipple and the widened Areola
Pink and the panther, dense and the tense
Rhyming is just an imitation of the reflection of the pelvis.
No words spoken before or after
No thanks giving no Halloween

Transcending nights, broken day lights,
Finding spaces, spoiled linen sheets,
Unperturbed noises, disturbing silences
Moving on with life,
It is the same dirty linen to be carried through undefined path
Into unlimited timeline.

Who attended the baby shower?
Who was part of the delivery process?
Who remembers the midwife?

Bifurcating Siamese twins
Is simple as the risks are pretty well known
Conjoined lives are difficult to live
Difficult to separate
Desperation is the key
Desire to live allow the risk of death

Together we went to school
Everyone said wonderful sight
Inseparable players
Name and the fame

We cribbed on many issues
Cream on the coffee, flower on the shirt
When the supremacy became an issue
No strength, only weakness to the fore

When the winds broke the silence
When the tides turned on
Acid in the intestines
Fire in the throat
Choking chambers
Neither the sperm nor the urine
Bulging bladder breathless odor
Deadly living dead

Cities never speak truth
Villages never hide lies
Forests disappear
Rivers cover the obvious

Mess of contractors
Restaurants of media
Political hotels
Digging holes
Crumbling bridges

I am told “move on”

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