‘The sharp knife of memory’ Auto biography of Kondapalli Koteswaramma.

Very good rendering in English. So lucid and readable, I could finish the book in just two short sittings.

Koteswaramma lived a full life as a revolutionary, wife, daughter and mother of two, who spent their life in the cause of people as revolutionaries. She maintained her independent views and retained friendship of those who moved over to different ideological breakaway communist parties.
She lamented that leftists while chant the slogan “workers of the world unite” never unite and play fratricidal games.
She remembers poet Somasundar for inducing her to immerse in creative literature and suggested title for her autobiography ‘Nirjana Varadhi’.
She never bore illwill against KS despite he leaving her to live with other woman (she does not mention the name of the person with respect and without any bitterness).
She makes great observations dispassionately such as ‘there is caste in party’, no one visited KS when he died, including his party, though he toiled and worked with many left leaders closely for many decades and led life of revolutionary.

Congrats Sowmya for a very good translation.
I thank Qatar National Library for making available this book in the library.

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