As a first male child in the family

You have led the pack

Instilling interest in games

In books and in being social

I do not know who led you into

These genres of activity

(Knowing father and his

Way of life)

While the time cycles in sixties

Calendars replenish year after year

With new days and dates

Nostalgia turns time back and forth

Childhood is the savory

Collectively made at home

Every One adding their share of spice

Vivid remembrance

Of the crowd that came to see you off

For your first interview

Still cannot forget

Your vanishing acts

And mischief

You received thrashings

To make us straight

Carefree you were

We learnt to be careful

You had the freedom at cost

We learnt the sanctity of freedom

You joined workforce early

So we could study

Every month postman

Delivered your labor worth

Adding strength

To father’s shoulders

And mother’s hands

With you being the trunk,

We, the other siblings

Branched out and grew in strength

There is no thanks giving

And turkey to celebrate

Let us cheer and have kheer

toast for the big brother

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