We were at the same dot

Trying to draw a line

With the forces we applied

The line turned out to be a circle

A circle of a room bringing us together

The innocence of museum

Lies in its collection

Tissue with lipstick

Hanging wrist watch in the bathroom

Morse code of morsel remains

Sacred thread that father offered me

Whispering the secret text

Staying back for the night

In the brief journeys of the yesteryears

The collective wisdom of condensed breath

Physicality of the cravings

Lights of desires in the phantom of darkness

The drawings and exchanges

Broad day lights of lyrical fantasies

Water glasses, soup ladles

Extra servings, unfinished dialogues

Tapes of music behind the sounds of radio

Walking the distances

Waking the binding ropes

Twining the bodies in the romance of times

Loving to part, parting to live

Movements of restlessness

In the moments of tranquility.


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