Before crying for the first time
She waited patiently for my arrival
Bearing the unbearable pain.

I remember many waiting times thereafter
Be it as a suckling
Or for the timely food
For that matter hurrying myself
To go to the school
And then to return home
I waited for the ringing of bells

There were occasions being the first at the gate
I had to wait for the doors to be opened
Being on the field all through the evening
Running for all the balls that were hit by others
I waited for my turn to bat
Well it could have been better for me to wait
Than to be out for the first ball

Awaiting her letters every morning and evening
At the telephone exchanges for the wed calls
The short expression of silence

Waiting at train stations,
Waiting for buses
Waiting for change of governments
Waiting for child birth
Waiting for unwritten letters
Waiting for returned letters
Waiting for next poem

Waiting as if living for waiting
Living as if waiting to continue to live
Waiting for the ultimate waiting
Of existence without existence

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