In the journey of love
I am not sure whether the direction was correct
I always moved in concentric circles
The centrifugal forces always pull me in

When I woke up I am in your arms
Let me close my eyes  and continue journey
Sometimes it is a straight path in a long curve
Only that I am moving away
Towards the starting point

Neither the warmth of the body
Nor the bed gives me solace
I search for the lost cause
I wander in the abyss of my own cocoon
World spins around and springs afloat

On the next occasion I will wait for you
Come with the folded umbrella
I want you to open it for me
The rains of tomorrow
Warmth of your affinity

I wonder when I look at you
Are you the same as in the first meeting?
Am I the same as in the second stanza?
Living in poetry I lost touch with world
The autumns of childhood give way to
The honeymoon of youth

When I stop and look around
The traffic snarls, policeman in the center
I hear thumping of my heart
I see a difference in you
Tear off the cover page
Disclose your breast line
Taut, firm and full of anachronism
You are not the one I am traveling with
I am not the one you are hugging at

Meanings are lost in tsunamis of words
Identities do not exist in the shipwrecks
In the labyrinth – search is vain

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