Every time I went past the shop
I stared through the glasses
When my friends walked
Along with me
Foregoing the comfort of the ride
I felt obliged

When I first expressed
My desire to own
Everybody turned it down
Saying it is not safe to ride
In Traffic.

I imagined riding on the
Track, boarding the bus
Pulling down and trekking
It to the school

So much of a preparation
I played this to perfection
Day in day out

It took them lot of time
To agree to my request
I surfed net, looked at Ads,
And went around shops
And finally I had the
Joy of riding the cycle
Such a cute, light and bright
Fresh from the factory

I removed the plastic, cardboard
And applied vermilion on the bar
And rode, rode to the freedom
From walking, freedom from
Obligations, freedom to have
Extra minutes of lethargy.

It gave me a sense of independence
A new form of therapy
my key to the world

New roads, new places,
Distances I puffed and huffed
With the help of GPS
Reading directions, making
New inventions

Just got it repaired
For a flat tyre and parked it
At the public library
That’s all for me now left
To describe to police

Lovely orange and blue ladies bike
With grey seat and hanging small teddy bear
To the right of the bar
If you find it please
Call me …

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